Georgene Novak Jewelry Designs
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About Georgene Novak Jewelry Designs

It started when I was a little girl going through my grandmothers jewelry box on our Sunday afternoon visits. I would layer myself with all my favorite pieces and parade around the house until it was time to go home. From that time I have explored many artist avenues but the little girl in me brought me back to my love of jewelry. My jewelry explores the use of several mediums and techniques which is displayed in my unique jewelry collection.

When I create in my studio I let my vacations to Arizona, the islands and a beautiful sunny day influence my designs. From abstract to realistic , these influences can be found in all of my work. Chasing, forging, texturing, manlipuliting and fire coloring the metal, watching it take on a life of its own, is so exciting. While creating I take a step back to make sure the piece is capturing and conveying the desired results . I create each piece as if I was making it for myself.  

From beading to weaving to metal smithing. I continue to evolve as an artist. Always experimenting and learning so I can grow and emerge into a designer that will be known for unique contemporary jewelry designed with integrity, quality and passion.

I was born and raised in northern New Jersey. I received an Associates of Applied Science degree in Business Management, working in all aspects of retail. I studied under established local artists to further develop my artist talents. I have owned and operated my own businesses from country folk art to jewelry design for many years.

THEN.........June 20, 2011 after 20+ years in corporate, I was politely asked to leave.  My head spun for a day or so then my dream of having my own business, full time, started to become more of a reality!  The first 6 months I designed away then took leads from family and friends on what stores might like my jewelry.  I am now in approximately 15 stores, sell at Art and Craft Shows and teach.  I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful people that love my jewelry and allow me to continue to do what I love! Each year on the anniversary date of my release I send my x-boss a thank you text!

Off to my studio to continue designing with passion and love.   When you design from the heart magic happens!